September 27, 2018

Five Things You Can Do to be Healthier!

1. Drink two glasses of water, right now!

I recommend all Busy Bees to aim for three liters of water per day. This can be in the form of water, water infusions, herbal teas…anything water-based. As a guide, I suggest trying to drink the three liters before 3 in the afternoon to keep from peeing throughout the night. If three liters is too overwhelming a commitment to make today, start by adding two extra glasses of water into your routine. Progress not perfection.

2. Start eating veggies with your first meal-even breakfast. Add spinach into your morning smoothie or scramble your eggs with veggies.

There really is no great secret to improving your health other than adding in more veggies into your diet and drinking more water! That shared, doing so on a consistent basis can be challenging. To help make these two additions lifetime healing habits, I suggest finding new ways to add veggies into your routine. Here is my favorite spinach and kale based egg muffin recipe.

3. Stand up from your desk and stretch/walk around every 90 minutes.

Staying active for even 60-120 seconds not only sharpens your mental focus but prevents muscle degeneration and stiff necks. It is true what they say, a few desk stretches a day keep the doctor farther away!

4. Remove all of your devices from your bedroom and charge them in another room. Use an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning.

Real talk. We all have been advised to charge our devices outside of our bedroom but believe we are mentally strong enough to resist using them after getting into bed. If you are capable of this, bravo. I however, am not. When you use your phone in bed, you allow blue light into your eyes which significantly diminishes the amount of melatonin your brain produces making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. And, if you wake up during the night and decided to check social media as a means of falling back to sleep-you will thwart your efforts. Bottom line, charge outside of the bedroom.

5. Choose a time to commit waking up to. The same time every morning for the next week.

Did you know that waking up at the same time very morning will actually help you to sleep better at night? Anchoring your body’s time of awakening is a psychological and physical cue to your body about when you should be asleep. Waking up at the same time each morning stabilizes your circadian rhythm. As a direct result, you will naturally become tired at the same time every evening. Don’t worry though-you will not become a slave to a specific bedtime-should you stay out or up late one evening, your body will encourage you to go to bed earlier the next evening to balance itself out.

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