August 13, 2018

If you want to change your life…

Start by making your bed and drinking your celery juice!

Last March, as my health deteriorated, I was advised to stop working. For three weeks, I threw myself a pity party. I never set an alarm and would roll around in bed aimlessly long after my usual alarm would go off. When I finally dragged myself out of bed and walked down to the kitchen for breakfast-more likely brunch at this time of day-my food and drink intake was hectic and unbalanced and left me feeling worse than I had before eating.

I snapped out of this cycle of unbalanced living and eating when I discovered The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and decided to study to become a health coach. Having never spent so much time at home during the day, I knew that I had to organize myself to study without distraction. The first thing I did was purchase a new diary. My agenda has both a weekly organizer section and a to to list. This paper book guided me to plan my study hours, workout times, and even meal prep. As I began organizing myself back into balance, I discovered that what I did with the first hour of my day seemed to set the tone for the remaining 23 hours. So, I write this to encourage you all to start by scheduling the first hour of your day. If you wake up for work with less than an hour before you walk out of the door-perhaps try setting your alarm a few minutes earlier? A structured morning has helped me work, exercise, shop, cook, and socialize more effectively throughout the day.

Sample Morning Routine:

6:45 Wake-up and think about what I am most grateful for.

6:50 Make Up the Bed.

Making the bed is essential to any morning routine. While it might feel unnecessary or burdensome, mentally accomplishing one task will put you in a better place for accomplishing the next. And, the next until the majority of your day is a series of well performed tasks.

7:00 Juice one bunch of organic celery stalks-leaves and all. Drink celery juice on an empty stomach and take first probiotic of the day.

7:10 Wash juicer and glass.

7:15 Change into gym kit. Wash face, brush teeth etc.

7:30 Out the door for my jog to the gym!

If you haven’t tried organizing the first hour of your day-give it a go and let me know how it works for you. And, yes! Scheduling is definitely an act of self-care!

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