Bee Mail

You’ve Got Mail! A note from Emily:

Classic with a Twist! From the handcrafted techniques of of traditional stationery artisans comes the chicest and cheekiest collection of cards, postcards, place cards, and notepads! 

I am excited to share a project born during Covid-19 Lockdown in London with the intention of capturing and creating life’s noteworthy moments. 

Stationery has always been a passion of mine. Quite literally, it is in my blood. In 1856 my Great Great Grandfather immigrated from England to America and opened a stationery shop in New York’s Financial District. Nearly 200 years later, I relocated from New York to London in a reversal of the journey undertaken by my ancestor, James Leach.


As time differences made communication challenging, I returned to exchanging letters with my loved ones back home. What I noticed was that not only was writing, sending, and receiving notes a joy but, long after the moment had passed there was a warm and tangible way to relive the lovely feelings. 

During lockdown the possibility of seeing family and friends was eliminated so mail, became even more important in connecting us all.


I am thrilled to share with you the first collection of Busy Bee Mail.