Image by Joanie Simon

Healthy Pantry Makeover

I think the greatest motivation in getting people into the kitchen and to start cooking is to have total control over the foods they are nourishing their bodies with.

Don’t sabotage your wellness efforts with hidden late night snacks or flavour your meals with sauces and condiments that are nutrient void. In one hour Busy Bee Well will select an assortment of foods from both your pantry and refrigerator and empower you to swap them for equally tasty healthier options. Busy Bee Well will work with you to balance the foods you love with foods that are good for you!

A specialty session, live in your kitchen, which allows Busy Bee Well an unfiltered view of the foods you are eating on a daily basis.

While keeping the kitchen neat and tidy, we will choose an assortment of foods from both the pantry and refrigerator. Together, we will gain perspective on both the major source of your calories and your preferred flavour profiles.

1. Read and Decode Food Labels

Labels are confusing and it can feel as if you need to be a food scientist to understand the ingredients listed on the label! Busy Bee Well will help you become a label detective to shop and eat well.

2. Examine and Identify Dietary Trends

Identifying the least nutritious source of your calories, Busy Bee Well will suggest more nutritious alternatives for you to experiment with.

3. Cooking Chat

How do you prepare your food on a daily basis? With what oils and spices do you like to cook? Busy Bee Well will analyze the pantry, refrigerator, and style of preparation.

And, do not worry – we will clean up before we leave!

This Programme is currently suspended during the pandemic.