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Market Tours

“Knowing how to efficiently and nutritiously to shop is empowering knowledge!”

Markets are overwhelming spaces. The supermarket is packed with aisles of foods and food products with misleading packaging designed to entice the uninformed shopper to believe their false health claims and buy lots of their product. The farmers’ market is only open one day per week and browsing all of the stalls and interacting with all of the farmers and producers can seem like a time-consuming chore.

Enter Busy Bee Well’s Market Tours!

A two hour tour of your local supermarket or farmers’ market will teach you how to shop efficiently and nutritiously. Learn how to navigate the aisles with ease and swap your current go-to items for more nutritious alternatives. With an emphasis on anti-inflammatory spices, fresh and seasonal proteins, and nutrient dense produce- this tour will transform you into a smarter and healthier shopper!

This Programme is currently suspended during the pandemic.

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