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You've Got Bee Mail!


The ultimate card collection for every occasion and everyone.

From love notes, apologies, and postcards, to cheerfully cheeky greetings - this collection has one of every Bee Mail design. 

10 Luxury Correspondence Cards and Envelopes and 2 Postcards in every pack

Packaged in our eco-friendly Busy Bee Mail Box

Card Details:

  • Ten gold engraved cards per pack
  • A6 luxury weight cards, (148 x 105mm) 640gsm
  • Pure white, smooth finish card stock
  • 1x Vitamin Me
  • 1x The Queen is/is not Accepting an Audience
  • 1x Simply the Best
  • 1x S.O.S Seriously Over Scheduled
  • 1x He/She Apologises for His/Her Behaviour At
  • 1x You're Nobunny Until Somebunny Loves You
  • 1x Everyone Worth Knowing
  • 1x Too Much of a Good Thing is WONDERFUL
  • 1x High Maintenance HIGH RETURN
  • 1x This is Not an E-mail You've Got Mail

Postcard Details:

  • Two Azure printed cards per pack
  • A6 smooth bright white cards, (148 x 105mm) 400gsm
  • 1x Globetrotter
  • 1x This Little Piggy Went To

    Envelope Details:

    10 Hand-Lined and Blind Embossed Envelopes: 

    • 2x Orchid
    • 2x Rose
    • 2x Indian Yellow
    • 2x Matcha
    • 2x Azure

    Cards: One of Everything


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