It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Cocktails

Set of FIVE


Cheeky, Cheery, and Classic with a Twist!


A simple icon of holiday cheer- made even more meaningful this year.

With the separation of two lockdowns keeping many of us from gathering with loved ones-I endeavoured to design a cheeky and cheerful luxury holiday bauble, in the same quality and using the same hand-crafted techinques as the original stationery-that may be displayed around the home.

Whether hung on a tree, above a fireplace or on a bar trolley-this gold engraved holiday bauble is sure to fill the space with love and warm wishes.



Design Details:

  • Two Gold-Engraved Cocktails
  • A cheeky twist on a classic Christmas song engraved in two fonts


Five Luxury Gold-Engraved Paper Baubles Tied with Gold Ribbon

Packaged in a clear cellophane envelope to encourage you to open your order and send the warmth of the holiday seasons to your loved ones.


Bauble Details:

  • Five gold engraved cards per pack
  • A6 luxury weight cards (148 x 105mm), 640gsm
  • Pure white, smooth finish card stock
  • Blind Embossed Bee, bottom center


Ribbon Details:

  • Gold Ribbon, hand knotted at top center
  • Each side of the untied ribbon measures: 12cm from knot to top

Bauble: Cocktails Set of 5