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Nutrition and Wellness Approached Holistically 


Be Empowered.

The reality is that we cannot outsource our health. Learning to quickly and easily identify what does and does not nourish you is a skill that will serve you for a lifetime. Busy Bee Well teaches you how to read labels on food products, navigate the aisles of the supermarket, cook nutritious meals, and how order well off of any menu.

No Diets, No Restrictions, and No End Dates.

Busy Bee Well is not a limiting diet with an end date. Instead we aim to provide a balanced approach to enjoying eating, working, and living. 

Eat Real Food, Not Processed Products.

It is as simple as it reads; eat whole foods not processed foods found in plastic. Busy Bee Well will help you understand portions and make sure all your meals contain plant-based nutrition. We believe vegetables should be included in every meal and take up the largest percentage of your plate. This plant-based approach to eating nourishes your body with the widest variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants without needing extra support from supplements. 

Minimise Sugar.

Sugar is addictive, hidden, toxic, and inflammatory. Busy Bee Well will help to identify all forms and names of sugar or sugar substitutes on labels so you can minimise your intake. It is the only ingredient Busy Bee Well will ever ask clients to significantly reduce.

Learn to Listen to Your Body.

Our bodies are super computers with the sole task of supporting us. Busy Bee Well helps facilitate learning on how to understand what your body is telling you it needs, from hunger to satiety.

Love, Appreciate, and Respect Yourself. 

What we know for sure is that you will only get as far as your self-belief allows. Progress beckons those who back themselves and at Busy Bee Well we instil this belief in all our clients.

So How Does Busy Bee Well Work?

Once you have decided to transform your life, you will meet with Emily to discuss your health history, your current wellness concerns, and most importantly your future wellness goals. This begins with an introductory consultation, known as the Discovery Session.

Additionally, Busy Bee Well offers One Hour SessionsHalf Day ProgrammesThree and Six Month Programmes, as well as A La Carte Sessions for clients who have completed their programmes but wish for more support or further learning. Sessions may be conducted in person if in central London or via videoconference worldwide.

On all our programmes we go beyond the basics of food. We will discuss ways to bring balance to every element of your life – such as love, relationships, career, sleep, and fitness. You will be personally and carefully guided along the journey to invest in yourself!

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