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The Programmes


It all begins with a chat…

Once you have decided to transform your life, you can meet with Emily through one of Busy Bee Well’s Anti-inflammatory Lifestyle Programmes. Within these we will discuss your health history, your current wellness concerns, and most importantly your future wellness goals.Beyond the basics of food we will discuss ways to bring balance to every element of your life including but not limited to love, relationships, career, sleep and fitness. You will be guided personally and carefully along this journey to invest in yourself.


So How Does It Work?

Busy Bee Well begins all new relationships with an introductory consultation, known as the Discovery Session. Additionally, Busy Bee Well offers One Hour Sessions, Half Day, Three Month and Six Month Programmes, as well as A La Carte sessions for clients who have completed their programmes. Programmes may be conducted in person if in central London or via video conference for outside of London.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, to ensure safety, all Programmes are currently conducted exclusively via video conference.

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Discovery Session

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One Hour Session

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Half Day Wellness Experience

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Three Month Intensive Total Experience

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Six Month Journey

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Cooking Classes

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Market Tours

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Healthy Pantry Makeover

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